Chapter One
Decoding the Divine

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You will love to discover the divine by reading

"...a panorama of sublime teachings 
...experiential, intimate and life changing 
...a great book for expanding consciousness ...I had the profound feeling that some pieces in my own cosmic puzzle had fallen into place an abiding sense of comfort and peace a resource for hope and encouragement  ...helps me to focus back onto what's really important 
...compelling ... a profound and moving treatise on spiritual experience and meaning, with a light touch that offsets the weighty matters 
...awakens and activates the sleeping beauty within us..." 

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Do you want to feel the joy of your Pure Spirit?  Are explorations into consciousness, transformation, spirituality, new science, manifesting, love, oneness or shamanism valuable to you?  Are you seeking metaphysical insight into your Infinite Nature?  Do you want to find love in all the right places?

Discover the divine with a shaman mystic.  Be sure to explore the products and free offerings on this website . . . all created with an intention to open, support, transform and uplift your True Self and greatest well being.  Let's all join together to merge the attributes of Heaven and Earth!

Exciting, ground-breaking shamanic journeys will
nourish your heart, delight your soul,
enlighten your consciousness, inspire your Pure Spirit,
deepen your connection with The Divine and the Cosmos
and empower your conscious intentions . . .


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 the Divine

Quantum Consciousness
and Cosmic Connections
within the Matrix of Everything

  by Generessa Rose

= Do you want to experience greater love, harmony and joy?

= Do you hunger for an intimate relationship with The Divine?

= Want to transform your consciousness and feel oneness?

= Seeking to know your place within the Greater Reality?

= Want to boost your alignment with the Laws of Attraction?

= Want to know how to best fuel your conscious intentions?

= Want a personal connection with the Matrix of Everything?

=  Want a working model for Individuality within Oneness? 

Decoding the Divine is an inspiring, uplifting, informative, interdimensional tour of Creation -- a shaman mystic's direct experience of multiple realities, from the quantum to the cosmic, and a powerful introduction to your Pure Spirit.  Generessa's profound adventures into -- and between -- the quantum and cosmic realms of creation deliver  love, joy, enlightenment, shamanic experience of the laws of manifesting, practical exercises and entertainment!

Discover the divine consciousness, bliss, love, spirituality, new science, oneness, and matrix of everything chronicled in Generessa's true shamanic adventures . . . sensually surfing quantum waves, embracing the radiant bliss of existence as a spark of "Godstuff," feeling the ecstasy of divine unity within every cell of every living thing, experiencing life within a benevolent cosmic culture of individuality and oneness, witnessing the awesome dynamo that fuels manifesting - - and much more!  

It's the ultimate "reality show" and you're in it!

Get started Decoding the Divine 
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I'm delighted that you heard the call and found your way to Discover the Divine. It gives me tremendous happiness to share with you what I have found by following a trail of Spirit's "breadcrumbs."  To receive and then give can send a loving circle of spiritual blessings  spiraling into the creation of a new age.

To be a positive influence in personal lives and the world we share, I will occasionally offer future features, articles, information and products to benefit you and add value to your life.   Sign up to receive my e-Newsletter!

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abundant love and joy-filled blessings,

Generessa Rose
...Believe in yourself and keep your compass pointed to The One




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